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setting the record strait

Jun. 6th, 2006 | 10:46 pm
mood: amused amused

due to popular belief...just wanted to tell everyone, katie noland and i are not sisters!and katie does not want flowers on her toes! and leesa, mary popins uses her umbrella to fly, NOT go down stairs.

going to be tough getting the floor redone this weekend ;)

oh and going back to the glory days of my life and joining the church choir... can't wait! haha oh man how i can't wait

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there it is.

Jun. 6th, 2006 | 11:58 am
mood: contemplative contemplative

cation! a deep moment from beth:
ever have those moments in your life when your mind is just racing all the time, and you can't get the situation off your mind... that is how i am. right now i am just a wreck i guess. ive never really done anything this hard with out my best friend, bc in their is where the problem is.

i guess i just really need time to figure my self out, i know i know... that is what everyone says, what a lame excuse. but that is it. but i look at that i am almost 20 yet i feel i live the life of a 13 year old hence the term "drama queen". i guess it isn't that bad except for the fact that in less than 2 years i will be out of auburn and on my own, and in the words of my advisor "its a tough world out there, and you are entering in one of the nastiest and competive businesses" and i just couldn't do it with how i am right now, i am so dependent on people, and such a people pleaser, so i measure how good my day was on the reactions i get from other people. when in all actuality i need to be strong and able to stand on my own feet. and find my happiness in myself, not others, especially not boys. i know im 13, that is what i am finding out about my self. quoting my ex-roomate "its time to grow up and put on your big girl panties" -wiley. because you know what guys, we are growing up- and i can't be crazy flirty dramatic beth, just going from guy to guy.i also know at the end of the day i look around and i see nothing but absolute blessings, in my family, roomates and my friends, yall really are the best, and i could even ask for better.

i know this live journal isn't really a place to spill my guts, but here they are. you all probably dont even understand any of this but that is ok, i guess i feel alittle better... im a wreck, sad, and alone. there it is.

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red light.... green light.... red light

Jun. 5th, 2006 | 04:47 pm
mood: thirsty thirsty

hello to all!
so what another fantastic weekend!

Friday- the stop light party was definatly quite the sucess! thanks to all who came, and if you didn't... you missed a good one!! so good to have tyler battles back in town! that kid cracks me up and i know him like the back of my hand, but i guess 19 years of friendship will do that... lees- you amaze me, standing ovation!

Saturday- full of studying, and reading.... getting ready for midterms and papers this week, then watching how to loose a guy in 10 days... gee i love it

Sunday- went to the 205 for dinner with the Aycocks, had a great time, Mrs.Aycock is my hero and it is a hoot that she takes my side over todds everytime! todd and i finished the first lord of the rings, surprisingly... i am warming up to it. and it was amazing to have a scene in the 101 dalmations acted out in real life. haha!

and that brings us to today! as of right now i am kicking butt in all my classes... but i have a feeling that is going to be crashing down oh so soon! haha my eyes have really been bothering me lately and i am starting to get concerned, i have 20/20 vision but they just constantly burn, and blur things when i am reading. and now i am beging to get migranes from it...not good

and finally i want to apologize to katie for being kindda rude/ smart ass/ mean to her this weekend, by calling our house a hotel and saying that her friends were here for the clogging festival at 2am... (katie lives above me)... then i was talking about her this morning... and oops she heard me, so im a jerk...sorry kt, you know i love you.

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memorial day weekend

May. 28th, 2006 | 04:15 pm
mood: grateful grateful

it was a great weekend, what can i say, ive learned alot... who knew that they have made a movie about video games, that leesa's mom loves to bring food, tori wants her shower NOW, al is an emotional guy, alyce can paint like no other,katie noland has THE cutest pants ever, craven likes to pop his collar, steven likes to bump and grind, and leesa likes jack! hahaha

this week was a good week, had my 1st test, paper, and 3 short stories read... lost in ESPN scene it (guess i really should work on that) and i almost cried at the CWE pep-rally bc i am now a junior, and it was just a special moment to be at the freshman's 1st bodegetta and war eagle experience.

happy memorial day! thank you to everyone who has served, i love and appriciate you!

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my first entry

May. 26th, 2006 | 03:18 pm
mood: giddy giddy

so ive decided with this extra time on my hands i am going to start a live journal... i used to have one (autigerette) but i didn't really like that name... so now i am bethany_marie86... so yeah, welcome to summer, it is going to be a GREAT one i just know it, it is great to have all the guys back, it has been great hanging out with them. but yeah so here is my live journal im pretty excited about this!

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